Speedway Muffler is proud to offer our customers the very best available in the automotive aftermarket. We understand that having a strong knowledge of many of the products available in the aftermarket will help us to help our customers make the best decisions as to which products will suit them best. Speedway Muffler is partnered with a national wholesaler that has over 20 warehouses nationwide and we receive shipments from them daily which means that not only are we able to get just about any product in the aftermarket from wiper blades to superchargers; and that we can get them fast!

Speedway Muffler is also extremely pleased to be working with other local businesses and manufactures that enables us provide service recommendations for those services which we do not provide, like installation of lift kits, wheel and tire packages, vehicle mobile electronics, and tinting. Our partnership with manufactures of certain products enables us to provide our customers with the best prices and with direct product knowledge and support.

Though Speedway Muffler can be your one stop shop for pretty much any aftermarket automotive desire we do obviously work with a majority of truck owners. We would like to thank all of our customers again for their business and to also remind you that even if you do not see a specific product highlighted below to please just give us a call and see if we can answer any questions for you, save you some money, and earn your business.

Volant intakes consistently deliver more horsepower than the competition and the marketplace knows it. Many Volant intake users are seeing gains in excess of 20hp on larger V6 and V8 applications. When teamed with a Volant ram air scoop the results get even better. People are also reporting gains of as high as 4mpg to their gas mileage during freeway driving. Power, efficiency Volant delivers time and time again.

Most people are aware that our High-Flow Air Filter can increase horsepower over a traditional disposable air filter. An air filter change alone however, cannot eliminate other types of air restriction built into the vehicle at the factory. These can be found in the size of the air box and the air path running from the air box to the engine. That’s where air intakes rule the road. They completely replace the factory airflow assembly including the filter, air box and air path. More and more people are discovering the monster power available from a well-engineered air intake and we sell over 200,000 air intakes every year, so go ahead and wake the sleeping giant in your car.

Tonneau covers sometimes also referred to as Truck Lids, Truck Covers and or Bed Covers are available in many different finishes and styles. One of the most commonly recognized style of a Tonneau Cover is the painted to match fiberglass tonneau cover. In the case of a fiberglass tonneau cover the outside portion is made glassy smooth and then painted to the exact factory paint code color of your truck. While there are many different manufactures and even mold shapes for fiberglass tonneau covers, we at Speedway Muffler are able to offer our customers a tonneau cover made locally here in the Inland Empire that is custom made for each of our customers once an order is placed. Some examples of these tonneau covers are pictured below.

As an alternative to a fiberglass tonneau cover there is the Undercover. The Undercover is a tonneau cover that addresses all of the drawbacks to owning a conventional fiberglass tonneau cover. It is extremely strong, it is lightweight, and it comes with an led battery powered light right out of the box for a fantastic product that looks outstanding on any truck! Please note that while the exterior surface of the Undercover is paintable the Undercover cannot be ordered in a factory paint code, it must first be ordered and then prepped & painted by a professional. Please click the image below to go to Undercover’s web site and give us a call if you would like to come and see our Undercover tonneau cover demo in our showroom or to place your order for this outstanding tonneau cover!

The retractable tonneau cover models available have just about as many options and differences as their are in the smooth tonneau cover market. Pace Edwards is one of the preimer manufacturers of retractable tonneau covers. They offer their products in three different models, the first which is called the Jack Rabbit, the curtain or portion that glides down the guides mounted to the bed sides of your truck is constructed of a thick snythetic material over a aluminum surface. The next model is the Jack Rabbit Full Metal Jacket the full metal jacket is pretty much identical to the Jack Rabbit with the exception that the curtain is constructed of strong metal. The ultimate retractable tonneau cover offered by Pace Edwards is the Bedlocker, this model is completely electronic! The operator uses a keyfod to retract and open the cover, you have the ability to stop the cover at any point and then choose to either continue to close or open the cover.

While Pace Edwards does offer a variety in the retractable tonneau cover market no discussion of the covers would be complete without mention of the amazing covers available from Truck Covers USA! Truck Covers USA continues its mark of excellance by consistently designing products that win them awards from organizations like SEMA not to mention the hearts of their customers. Roll N Lock is another company in the market of retractable tonneau covers, their product also incorporates a tailgate lock.

Finally going in another direction that meets the needs of other customers Steffens Industries offers the Fold-A-Cover this cover requires no canister for the cover to retract into rather is has rigid metal pannels that fold over one another to expose the bed. Please click any of the images below to visit the web site of each retractable tonneau cover company and see what they have to offer. If you have any questions or would like to get some pricing information please give us a call!

Camper shells are another popular truck accessory. Speedway Muffler is able to order & install camper shells for most truck makes, models, and bed lengths.

With the stock rim and tire sizes increasing on trucks, many truck owners find themselves wanting some steps to help them gain footing for either themselves for their family to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their truck. Speedway Muffler has several styles and finishes of steps on display in our showroom.

Many customers when asking for “steps” are actually looking for a products called Nerf Bars. Nerf Bars are tubular in appearance typically 3 inches in diameter in are either finished in black powder coat, chrome, or polished stainless steel. These bars are extremely popular due to their fantastic appearance and their solid construction. Nerf bars are also available in anoval shape with the diameter closer to 4 inches. These bars varry a little in their appearance, typically the ends of a Nerf Bar radius back in towards the truck, the oval bars curve slightly and then have caps on them. Nerf Bars are also available in either cab length or in what the manufacturers call wheel-to-wheel meaning that the bars start just behind the front wheel and end right before the rear wheel.

Running boards on the other hand are not as popular on late model trucks. Running boards are usually seen on full size vans, they are wide flat and usually made of a composite material like fiberglass or plastics. While they do preform the necessary function of helping people gain access to the truck they are usually not as visually appealing as Nerf Bars.

Regardless of your preference of step, bar, or running board we would he happy to help you make your selection that you feel would be the best for your vehicle. Please give us a call and we will be happy to see what is available for your vehicle and provide you with a price quote.

Another popular truck bed accessory for both contractors and everyday truck owners is a tool box. tool boxes are a great alternative to a cover to lock up valuable items that you do not want to store in the cab of a truck and when covering the entire bed is just not a practical solution. tool boxes like any major accessory are available in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes.

The material that the tool box is made from is the main decision that ultimates determines the price of the tool box. The most common is the brite aluminum finish or a black aluminum finish. The more secure tool boxes are usually constructed from steel rather than aluminum. Steel tool boxes are available in either a white or black powder coat.

Additional considerations when selecting a tool box is size, style, and placement. tool boxes can be stored behind the cab going accross the bed (crossover saddle style), or on the floor of the bed behind the cab (truck chest tool box), however tool boxes can also be mounted on the top of the sides of the bed (side tool box) as well as even over the wheel wheels (pork chop/wheel well boxes), there are even more specially designed tool boxes that allow you to customize how you wish to utilize the precious cargo space of your truck bed.

The images below are just some examples of the many tool boxes that we can get for your truck. Please give us a call and let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to tell you what is available and provide you with pricing information.

Though there are several companies in the aftermarket offering kit ladder/lumber racks Speedway Muffler prefers to order it’s customers a custom made ladder/lumber rack that is typically lower in price and without a doubt much better in quality than aftermarket kit racks. Here are some of the features of these racks:

2″ or 1 1/2″ Main Rails
All welded frame
Removable bars
Quick realease pin (center bar) – additional fee bolt pin comes standard
Powder coat : Black or White (custom colors available for additional cost)
Load capacity 1400 lb on 2″ tube
Load capacity 1200 lb on 1 1/2″ tube
Custom applications and modifications available